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Poring Hot Spring Nature Reserve

Kinabalu Park area / Sabah




Rate valid till 31st Dec 2016

Per Lodge or Room    
Kelicap Twin 2 RM 228.00
Jungle Lodge 2 RM 679.00
RIver Lodge 4 RM 789.00
Palm Villa 1 (6P) 6 RM 899.00
Palm Villa 2 (6P) 6 RM 899.00
Per Bed    
Serindit Hostel 1 RM 145.00

* All rates are SUBJECT to 6% GST

BF - Breakfast

* Rates excluded all Entrance Fee and Sabah Park Fees.

* Extra mattress is chargeable at RM65.00 per person per night.

Terms & Conditions


Poring Hot Spring, Sabah, Malaysia.


Rating : resort
Check-in time - 14:00pm
Check-out time - 12:00nn


Poring Hot Springs, sometimes refer to as Poring Springs, or simply Poring, is a hot water spring with its source deep under the fertile ground of Mount Kinabalu. Hot enough to boil an egg, the water from the hot spring is said to have curative properties, attracting visitors from near and far.

The accommodation options are many and varied. From the semi-luxury suitable for romantic couples or honeymooners at Jungle Lodge and River Lodge, to the family or small group accommodation of the Rajawali Lodges. For the back-packer or leisure traveler, the Kelicap Lodge or Serendit Hostel will provide clean and comfortable accommodation.

River Lodge
Spacious Dining / Living Room Area, En-suite Bathroom, Bathroom, Outdoor Bath with Rain Shower, Balcony, TV with Satelite Channels, 2 Bedrooms, Sleeps 4 person

Jungle Lodge
1 Bedroom (1 king bed), Living Room, En-suite Bathroom, Pantry, Outdoor Bath with Rain Shower, Balcony, TV with Satelite Channels


7.00am to 10.00pm


Poring Hot Spring & Nature Reserve, Sabah's most famous hot water spring, is located amongst the foot hills of Mt. Kinabalu near Ranau, with accommodation and restaurants managed by Sutera Sanctuary Lodges. Poring Hot Spring's hot spring itself, located about 3 hour from Kota Kinablau, is managed by Sabah Parks, whilst Sutera Sanctuary Lodges manages the various accommodation facilities available, as well as the food and beverage outlets.


Canopy Walkway
Open from 9:00am to 4:00pm daily. Enjoy the breathtaking Canopy walkway and discover the flora and fauna of Mother Nature.

Butterfly Farm (Butterfly Garden & Caterpillar House)
Open from 9:00am to 4:00pm daily Witness a proud exhibition of colours to mesmerize every guest and butterfly enthusiast. Definitely a must visit haven not to forgo.

Tropical Garden (Man-made)
Open from 9:00am to 4:00pm daily. Be one with nature and conduct some bird watching in these parts. Do not miss this opportunity to bring along your binoculars and witness a whole new world of nature. Expect to spot some wild birds, deers and even orang utans here.

Orchid Garden
Open at 2.30pm daily. Visit our nurtured Orchid Garden and discover the various species of orchids you can only dream about.

Sulphur Bath
Relax those sore muscles after a challenging ascend up Mount Kinabalu, the perfect excuse to indulge in a soothing warm and rejuvenating sulphur bath.

Gather round friends and family and strengthen those bonds of kinship with our outdoor BBQ pit facility inclusive of 2 packets of charcoal to get the party started.

Swimming Pool
Jump into our unique outdoor rock pool to cool off.


Kipungit Waterfall
This is the nearest waterfall from Poring Hot Spring & Nature Reserve. It takes approximately 15 minutes walk (1km). The waterfall is about 10 metres in height and suitable for group and family picnics.

Langanan Waterfall
This is the highest waterfall in Poring. It is more than 120 metres in height and takes approximately 2 hours trekking through the lowland tropical forest (3.4km).

Bat Cave
30 minutes walk from the main entrance of Poring Hot Springs & Nature Reserve and along the way to Langanan Waterfalls. Take this opportunity to learn more about these creatures of the night.


Rules & regulation on camping area

Campers are not allowed to :
Cut, damage or set any fire to any vegetation, Kill, capture, injure or disturb any animal.

Disturb, destroy or remove any object of geological, pre-historical, archeological, historical orother scientific interest.

Convey any weapon, explosive, trap, poison or noxious substance

Introduce or remove any vegetation or animal on camping area

Minimize the noise level at all times

Do not park any vehicle on camping area

Please ensure that the camping grounds are clean before leaving the area


Poring's excellent collection of tropical plants includes more than 500 orchid species and the rare Rafflesia. Started in 1987, the four hectare lowland Poring Orchid Conservation Centre impresses with its superb display of rare and endangered epiphytes and ground species. Varieties include Dendrodium and Bulbopophyllum of which there are over 90 species on Kinabalu. The main flowering season for most orchids here is from October to February. Six of the twelve Borneo Slipper Orchids including the rare Rothchild's Slipper Orchid are endemic to Kinabalu. Also of interest are plants which horticultural potential such as palms, aroids, begonias and gingers. A micro-propagation laboratory aids in researching ex-situ conservation of rare orchids and pitcher plants.

The best time to spot wildlife is in the early morning or evening. Hornbills are occasional morning visitors to the clearings. The Provost's squirrel and tree shrews are regulars. Alsocommon are several snake species including green vine, bamboo and racer snakes, flying lizards, and tree frogs.Flying snakes, flying frogs, flying squirrels and flying lemurs or Colugo have also been seen.

Poring's lowland and hill forest birds include drongos, woodpeckers, leafbirds, broadbills, the Ywllow-vented Bulbul, the Magpie Robin and the Asian Fairy Bluebird. Flowerin gingers also attract sunbirds and spiderhunters. At least seven of Borneo's ten sunbird species, and six of the island's seven spiderhunters are found here.

Poring's hot spring and humid lowlands offer different attractions of orchids, rare butterflies and the world's largest bloom, the Rafflesia. The curative waters of this popular local hot springs rejuvenates aching muscles after the challenging climb of Mount Kinabalu.


Located on the Park's boundary at the edge of the Mamut River, Poring Hot Spring & Nature Reserve offers chalets and hostels, a butterfly centre, an orchid conservation centre, a five acre tropical garden with an animal rehabilitation farm, picnic areas, hot pools and canopy walkway. To reach the Poring's hot pools which are located in a clearing in the forest, one need to cross a short suspension bridge over the Mamut River. From there, a path leads past some old trees and a grove of Gigantochloa Levis, a giant bamboo species from which Poring got its name. Fruit bearing trees, shrubs and flowering plants attract many species of birds, bats and insects.

Water temperature in the 5 hot springs ranges between 49 to 60 degrees celcius. Visitors can enjoy a refreshing dip in the swimming pool or soak in sulphurous water channelled from the hot springs into tiled pools and tubs.


Sutera Shuttle from Sutera Harbour Resort to Poring Hot Springs & Nature Reserve  

Depart Via SSL Shuttle Bus





The Pacific Sutera

The Magellan Sutera



The Magellan Sutera

Sutera Harbour Resort Information Centre, Wisma Sabah



Sutera Harbour Resort Information Centre, Wisma Sabah

Kinabalu Park HQ



Kinabalu Park HQ

Poring Hot Spring & Nature Reserve



Sutera Shuttle from Poring Hot Springs & Nature Reserve to Sutera Harbour Resort

Depart Via SSL Shuttle Bus  





Poring Hot Spring & Nature Reserve

Kinabalu Park HQ



Kinabalu Park HQ

Sutera Harbour Resort Information Centre, Wisma Sabah



Sutera Harbour Resort Information Centre, Wisma Sabah

The Magellan Sutera



The Magellan Sutera

The Pacific Sutera



Poring Hot Springs & Nature Reserve is located 136 kilometers (3 hours drive) away from Kota Kinabalu by road.


Fare(one way)

Departure point

Return Point


(direction to Kundasang or Ranau)

KK to Ranau
RM 15.00 (per person)

 Ranau to Poring
RM 6.00 (per person)

City bus terminal (North).

Change bus in Ranau to PHS

Beside the entrance of Poring Hot Spring.

Change bus in  Ranau to KK

KK - Ranau 7:30am-5:00pm

Ranau - Poring 7:00am-3:00pm


1) RM 160 per taxi
2) RM 300 per taxi

1) Ranau taxi stand (next to Merdeka Field)
2) Hotel

Take bus from PHS to  Ranau town. Find a Taxi back to KK

Available 24 hour 

Car / Van rental

From RM 180per car and above per day

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Sutera Harbour Resort


Angkatan Hebat

Sutera Habrour Resort


All Information subject to change without prior notice.