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Mari Mari Dive Lodge

Mantanani Island / Sabah




Rate Valid till 30 November 2014





Ex-Kuala Abai Jetty

DIVING (Promotion  5% OFF)
Mari - Mari Discover Scuba
Leisure Dive (2 sessions)



SNORKELING (Promotion  5% OFF)
Discover Snorkeling
Snorkeling Adventure

RM 420.00
RM 420.00

RM 380.00
RM 380.00

Mantanani Island FREE & EASY

RM 420.00

RM 380.00

* Tours included : Transfer, guide, meal (lunch) and necessary equipment.
* Transfer services are limited to hotels within Kota Kinabalu zone (from STAR in the south to 1 Borneo in the
   north). Additional charge of RM 20.00 is applicable for pick-up outside this zone.


  1st Night 2nd onward
Dormitory (common bath)    

Sayang Sayang Hostel (maximum 6 paxs)

RM 245.00

RM 75.00

Family Room (max 4 paxs, corner sea-view unit)

RM 290.00

RM 85.00

Twin Sharing

Sulap (common bathroom) RM 290.00 Rm 110.00
Sulap (Attached Bathroom) - Standard Sulap RM 325.00 RM 135.00
Sulap (attached Bathroom) - Seaview Balcony RM 340.00 RM 150.00

Single Occpancy

Sulap (common bathroom) RM 390.00 RM 220.00
Sulap (Attached Bathroom) - Standard Sulap RM 450.00 RM 270.00
Sulap (attached Bathroom) - Seaview Balcony RM 480.00 RM 280.00

* 1st night included return boat transfer
* Overnight rates included accommodation and Breakfast.
* Bath towel, shower gel and shampoo are provided for Sulap with attached bathroom.
* Extra mattress (1st night / 2nd night onward) :
   RM 290.00 / RM 110.00 - Sulap common bathroom (Adult)
   RM 145.00 / RM 60.00 - Sulap common bathroom (Child)
   RM 325.00 / RM 135.00 - Sulap attached bathroom Standard (Adult)
   RM 163.00 / RM 73.00 - Sulap attached bathroom Standard (Child)
   RM 340.00 / RM 150.00 - Sulap attached bathroom Seaview (Adult)
   RM 170.00 / RM 80.00 - Sulap attached bathroom Seaview (Child)


RATE PER PERSON - Activities
  Walk-in Pre-Book

Diving (Leisure Dive) 1 Dive

RM    200.00

RM    180.00

Diving (Leisure Dive) 2 Dives

RM    300.00

RM    280.00

Diving (Leisure Dive) 3 Dives

RM    400.00

RM    370.00

Mari-mari Discover Scuba

RM    320.00

RM    299.00

Open Water Course (Inclusive of equipments rental & course materials. At least 4 days/3 nights stay (not included) is recommended)

RM 1,200.00

RM 1,100.00

Advance Open Water (Inclusive of equipments rental & course materials. At least 3days/2 nights stay (not included) is recommended)

RM    950.00

RM    900.00

Sunrise Dive

RM    200.00

RM    180.00

Sunset Dive

RM    200.00

RM    180.00

Night Dive

RM    230.00

RM    20.00

Guided (Boat) Snorkeling (1 sessions)

RM      45.00

RM      40.00

Guided (Boat) Snorkeling (2 sessions)

RM     65.00

RM      60.00

Gears rental (Snorkel, Fin & Mask) per set per day

RM     20.00

RM     18.00

Sea Kayak (single) - Per Hour

RM     30.00

RM     25.00

Sea kayak (Double) - Per Hour

RM     35.00

RM     30.00

Sunset Cruise (Inclusive of 1 soft drink)

RM     50.00

RM     45.00
* NOTE :
* Land transfer : RM65.00 per pax per way (pick-up and drop-off point : Wisma Sabah)
* Additional charge for hotel pick-up per person : RM 20.00 (Zone A) RM 30.00 (Zone B)
* Due to the outdoor and adventure nature of the tours and activities, children below 5 years old are not
   encouraged to participate in the tour.
* Age limit for diving with compressed air is 12 years old and above.
* For safety reasons, tour and activities are dependent on SEA & WEATHER CONDITIONS.  The operator reserves
   the rights to CANCEL or POSTPONE the tour or any activities if we deem there is an absence of a safe operating
   environment. We monitor closely weather changes through the relevant sources.
* Liability Release Form MUST be signed and understood by the participant before the tour and activities
* Insurance for guests are provided (Terms and Condition applies).


Mari Mari Backpacker Lodge

Each "Sulap" (hut or cabin in the native Kadazandusun language) is equipped with lighting and socket points, and wall fan. Guests are provided with mattress on the floor, blanket and a pillow each.

You are reminded to bring along personal toiletries and towel though some basic items may be purchased at our Manta Shop. You are in the natural surroundings of the island so please bring along insect repellent. Stay away from wet areas when mosquitoes are most active. The most active times are at dusk and dawn, so it’s best to stay out of dense, humid, and wet areas. Mosquitoes net may be provided upon request. 

For huts with attached bathroom, hot water shower is available during the island's regular electricity supply time, i.e. 6.00PM to 6.00AM. Common bathrooms are not equipped with hot water shower.

Meals are available for purchase at the Lodge's Mari-Mari Cafe. Opening hours as below :
Breakfast (7am to 10am), Lunch (11am - 2pm), Snacks (4pm – 5pm), Dinner (6pm – 8pm)

For your convenience, we recommend that you pre-order your meals before the tours. Kindly refer to the attached menu for selection. Or maybe bring along some food with you in case it is not sufficient for you. Snacks, beverages are also available for purchase at the Lodge’s Manta Shop. The surroundings of the island are covered with a stretch of beach. You may enjoy walking

Island electricity supply is only available from 6.00 p.m. to 6.00 a.m. daily. Electricity supply voltage is 240v, 50-cycle system. You will need a 3 square pin contact plug. Shopping options is almost non-existent. Anything remotely unusual is best brought with you from the city.

Mobile phone reception is not available on the island. The Lodge is nevertheless connected to the outside world by telephone and internet through satellite link (you can make calls - chargeable). Wi-Fi internet connection is available for rental when electricity supply is on.  

The best time to visit is from April to September. Please note that outside of this period you might need flexibility to travel to Mantanani Island as the sea state can be too rough to cross to the island and we do cancel trips if the weather is bad. Towel is Not Provided. All chalets are on stilts and have teak wood floors. Below each chalet is a deck area furnished with hammock between the stilts. All mattresses are on the floor. This is a very simple wooden village type house. There is a staircase to climb around 2 meters high to go to your room.


Mantanani Island, Pulau Mantanani, Sabah, Malaysia.

The island, shaped-like knife, has a beach that stretches up to 2.500 metres. The fact, that this thin island has never been commercialized, secures its hidden secrets from great number of divers and thus giving you a private but full enjoyment to the tropical island. Unfairly blessed with age-old shipwrecks and critters inhabiting in and around it.

The island promises the most diverse marine life with visibility up to 40 metres. Many species of rays flutter around like blue spotted ray and marbled sting ray amongst large schools of fish.

Besides that muck diving is excellent with the quiet existence of imperial shirmps, jaw fish ribbon eels, seahorses, pink-eyed gobbles and the jaw-dropping blue ringed octopus, amidst nudibranch of all sorts.

Day Trip Package - Rediscover nature in this secluded romantic island for diving, snorkeling and bird watching. Unless you are diving with us, let the sun decide your itinerary. When the sun is vertically atop, relax on the sandy beach in between snorkels.

As the sun starts to set, go skin diving in the clear blue seawater and be hugged by the sea’s unfathomable pressure around your body as the fish schools past you. By the time the sun dissapears into the west horizon completely, you would know that your body has surmounted the submersion of a lifetime.