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Kinabalu Park

Kinabalu Park HQ / Mount Kinabalu area / Gunung Kinabalu / Sabah


Nepenthes Lodge

The Peak Lodge

Liwagu Suite

The Hill Lodge

Grace Hostel

Rock Twin and Rock Hostel



Rate valid till 31st Dec 2016

Person Room & BF
Per Lodge or Room    
Rock Twin 2 RM   419.00
The Hill Lodge 2 RM   765.00
Liwagu Suite 2 RM   825.00
The Peak Lodge 4 RM 1150.00
Nepenthes Lodge 4 RM 1295.00
Summit Lodge 4 RM 2825.00
Garden Lodge 4 RM 2825.00
Kinabalu Lodge 6 RM 4355.00
Rajah Lodge 6 RM 9415.00
Per Bed    
Grace Hostel 1 RM   299.00

* All rates are SUBJECT to 6% GST

BF- Breakfast

* Rates excluded all Entrance Fee and Sabah Park Fees.

* Extra mattress is chargeable at RM65.00 per person per night.

Terms & Conditions


Kinabalu Park HQ (
1,585 metres) Mount Kinabalu area, Sabah, Malaysia.


Rating : mountain resort
Check-in time - 14:00pm
Check-out time - 12:00nn


Mount Kinabalu - A Brave Moment in History
The first man up Mount Kinabalu is Sir Hugh Low, a British Colonial Administrator at Labuan. On 7 March 1851, the 27 year old accompanied by a local Dusun guide named Gunting Lagadan attempted to scale the 4,095.2 metre high mountain. Forging their own trail, the duo took more than 3 weeks to reach the base of the mountain known now as the Kinabalu Park Headquarters.

Gunting Lagadan only accompanied Sir Hugh Low up to a certain part of the mountain and the young man was left alone to complete the rest of his journey to the peak. For all his efforts, Sir Hugh Low only managed to make it to the summit plateau however, the highest peak of Mount Kinabalu was named Low’s Peak in appreciation of his hard work and bravery.

Not forgetting the Dusun guide who kept Sir Hugh Low company during his climb, the Gunting Lagadan rest house on Mount Kinabalu is named after him for his contribution and assistance.

The 750 square kilometres Kinabalu was converted into a National Park in 1964 for its geographical & geological importance and the abundance of flora and fauna. In December 2006, UNESCO awarded Kinabalu Park as Malaysia's first World Heritage Site for its “outstanding universal values” and its role as one of the most important biological sites in the world.

Located at 1,585 metres above sea level, Kinabalu Park showcases a complete and interesting ecological system unrivalled anywhere else in the world. It also carries lowland, mountain and alpine vegetation that are not seen anywhere else between the Himalayas and the New Guinea. Kinabalu Parks plays host to the annual Mount Kinabalu International Climbathon event, proclaimed the 'World's Toughest Mountain Race' and attracts top mountain racers from around the world.


Nepenthes Lodge
This unit features : 2 Bedrooms (2 single / 1 queen), Spacious Dining / Living Room Area, Fireplace, Bathroom, Heated Shower

Peak Lodge
This unit features : 2 Bedrooms (2 single beds / 1 bunk bed), Spacious Dining / Living Room Area, Fireplace, Bathroom, Heated Shower

Liwagu Suite
This unit features : 1 Bedroom (1 king bed), Bathroom, Heated Shower, Additional Toilet, Living Room, TV with Satelite Channels

Hill Lodge
This unit features : 1 Bedroom (2 single beds), En-suite Bathroom, Heated Shower

Rock Twin Share
This unit features : 1 Bedroom (2 single beds), Common Lounge with Fireplace, Common Bathroom, Pantry

Rock Hostel
This unit features : Dormitory Bunk Beds, Common Lounge with Fireplace, Common Bathroom, Pantry

Grace Hostel
This unit features : Dormitory Bunk Beds, Common Lounge with Fireplace, Common Bathroom, Pantry


11.00am to 9.30pm

6.30am to 9.30pm


Mount Kinabalu - Preparation Checklist
Here are some tips to ensure that you are well prepared before attempting to climb the mountain.

Ensure you have already confirmed your accommodation on the mountain for the first night of your climb. You will not be allowed to climb if you do not have a place to stay. Camping on the mountain is strictly forbidden.

In addition to the above, you are also required to bring some money with you to pay to the Sabah Park authorities for the Park’s entrance fee, mountain guide, climbing permit, insurance, certificate, porter fee (optional) and transfer to Timpohon Gate.

Conduct a fitness check. Make sure your legs are fit and ready for the journey up and down the mountain. Be a responsible traveller. Bring the necessary medication required if you are prone to altitude sickness. As it is only a two day, one night climb you are still advised to partake in some regular exercise prior to the climb.

Please do not attempt to climb the mountain if you have the following medical conditions :

a) Pregnancy
b) Heart condition/disease/Palpitations
c) Hypertension
d) Diabetes

e) Arthritis
f) Epilepsy
g) Obesity
h) Asthma

In any case, should you feel unfit to climb or possess any other medical condition that will pose any danger or hamper your climb then please do not attempt this exercise.

The best investment for any climber is a good pair of shoes to protect your feet from the mountain terrain. Shoes with a good sole and grip is recommended to prevent from accidents due to unforeseen weather conditions.

Remember to pack light. The more items you bring with you will only add to the burden on your shoulders during the journey up. Ideally, the weight of your bag pack should be less than 10kg.

Necessary items for the mountain climb include :
Energy food i.e. chocolate bars, biscuits, glucose tablets

A head torch
A raincoat or poncho
A windbreaker
Warm clothing
A small bottle of water

A pair of gloves
An extra pair of socks
A cap or beanie

Park Etiquette
Do not destroy or remove any plant or animal. It is an offence to remove plants and/or animals and to shoot, trap and/or collect any wildlife. Take only pictures, leave only footprints.

Do not litter - Dispose of rubbish with a thought for the environment. Clean up if need be after those who don't. help keep the environment clean and pure as nature intended it to be.

Do not bring heavily packaged products - These mean large quantities of paper and plastic wrappings to discard after use. Minimize the amount of disposable material.

Do not bring pets - Pets are not allowed into the park as they may introduce diseases to isolated populations or may escape and become wild.

Do respect the silence of nature - Do not bring cassette players and radios that may disturb wildlife or those who wish to observe them. Be considerate.

Do be extra careful with inflammable material - Make sure fires are fully extinguished. Do not smoke if you can avoid it. Cigarettes can cause bush fires. Observe all safety rules.

What to bring
The following are essential but not exhaustive. They complement other necessities and specialized equipment, where applicable.

Lightweight Clothing - Although evenings at high altitudes tend to be chilly, the surrounding is largely humid. Light-weight clothing is recommended.

Walking Shoes - Comfortable walking shoes are necessary for the steep mountain trails.

Raincape - Kinabalu experiences heavy rainfall despites dry inter monsoon periods.

Hat - Protect against sun and cold at higher altitudes.

Gloves - To protect hands from thorns, insects, and cold.

Rubber Sandals - Ideal for less challenging trails, in and around Park Headquarter and hot springs.

Swimwear - Useful for exploring mountain streams and hot springs.

Ziploc Plastic Bags - For sealed, temporary storage of food, personal belongings, etc.

Leech Socks - These offer protection from leeches.

Warm Jacket - Temperatures can be low at night, especially at higher altitudes.

Lightweight Ruck Sack / Daypack - Useful for keeping essential items.

Others - Sunscreen, insect repellent, water bottle, torch and batteries, camera, reading material, first aid kit.


Sutera Shuttle from Sutera Harbour Resort to Kinabalu Park HQ

Depart Via SSL Shuttle Bus





The Pacific Sutera

The Magellan Sutera



The Magellan Sutera

Sutera Harbour Resort Information Centre, Wisma Sabah



Sutera Harbour Resort Information Centre, Wisma Sabah

Kinabalu Park HQ




Sutera Shuttle from Kinabalu Park to Sutera Harbour Resort

Depart Via SSL Shuttle Bus





Kinabalu Park HQ

Sutera Harbour Resort Information Centre, Wisma Sabah



Sutera Harbour Resort Information Centre, Wisma Sabah

The Magellan Sutera



The Magellan Sutera

The Pacific Sutera



Kinabalu Park is located 88 kilometers (2 hours) away from Kota Kinabalu by road


Fare (one way)

Departure point

Return Point


(direction to Kundasang or Ranau )


RM 15
(per person)

City bus terminal (North)

Across the road outside Kinabalu Park
(reconfirm with Kinabalu Park reception counter)



1) RM 160 per taxi
2) RM 300 per taxi

Ranau taxi stand (next to Merdeka Field) 

2) Hotel lobby

Taxi reservation at Kinabalu Park reception counter

Available 24 hour

Car/Van rental

from RM 180 and above per day per car/van

Sea Quest Tours & Travel

Sutera Harbour Resort


Angkatan Hebat

Sutera Harbour Resort


* Public Buses and taxis will leave when they are full


If climbing Mount Kinabalu is not your cup of tea, there are also several interesting nature trails within Kinabalu Park you can consider exploring. IMPORTANT : All mentioned trails require the hiker to be accompanied by either a Sabah Park Ranger or Sutera Sanctuary Lodges Naturalist.

LIWAGU RIVER TRAIL (5,009 metres | 2 Hours)
The trail starts from Kinabalu Balsam Restaurant located at the Park’s Headquarters. The trail leads to Silau-Silau but does not cross until the Liwagu junction. Follow the Liwagu upstream before reaching the Power Station road near Timpohan Gate. It is a steep, narrow and varied trail through a ridge forest, cool stream valley, rattan palms and Liwagu.

SILAU-SILAU TRAIL (3,057 metres | 1.5 Hours)
Follow the river from its source below Kiau Gap which junctions with the Liwagu River near the overhanging rock of Liwagu Cave. The trail is linked with other trails at various points, including Bukit Burong, Bukit Tupai and Kiau view.

BUKIT BURONG TRAIL (1,082 metres | 1 Hour)
Start from the road, crossing the Silau-Silau stream and trail. Proceed up ridge side to Bukit Burong shelter for a spectacular view of the Park’s Headquarters, Lower Liwagu Valley and Mount Kinabalu. Attractions include easy access to a hill forest, cool stream valleys and dry ridge tops.

KIAU VIEW TRAIL (2,544 metres | 1.5 Hours)
From the arch at the park entrance, proceed along a wide undulating ridge trail. Finish just after the 1.5 km mark along the Power Station Road opposite the entrance to Silau-Silau Trail. Attractions include scenic views of the west coast and an assortment of local tree species.

BUNDU TUHAN VIEW (SUNSET : 465 metres | 15 minutes)
Take the loop road below the staff quarters near the Conservation Centre. The trail reaches shelter at a ridge top above the main Ranau Highway. Obtain spectacular views of Bundu Tuhan village and southern mountains including Sabah’s second highest peak, Trus Madi (2,642 mtres). Follow the ridge down to Liwagu Trail.

PANDANUS TRAIL (598 metres | 20 minutes)
A broad well graded trail offering refreshing views. The Pandanus Trail opened in September 1999 for World Mountain Trophy Race, starting near the car park of the Park’s Headquarters administration building joining the Kiau View Trail at ridge crest.

BUKIT ULAR HILLSIDE TRAIL (397 metres | 30 minutes)
A fairly steep trail takes hikers through a journey along a winding road around Bukit Ular from the top of Power Station Road and finally emerging just behind the Power Station. Attempt a challenging 30-minute detour from the top of Bukit Ular for excellent views of a waterfall and mountain.

MEMPENING TRAIL (2,516 metres | 1.5 Hours)
Star half way up Power Station Road, trek down ridge through dense oak chestnut forest to Bukit Tupai and Silau-Silau stream. Good view of Park Headquarter and Liwagu Valley.

BUKIT TUPAI TRAIL (345 metres | 15 minutes)
From Multipurpose Hall, cross Silau-Silau stream and trail, going straight up to ridge crest and Bukit Tupai Shelter. Splendid view of Park Headquarters and tree canopy area. On clear days, breathtaking view of Mount Kinabalu. Ridge crest links to Mempening, and Bukit Burong Trail.


Other Sights and Sounds

Mountain Garden
Guided walks available at 9:00am, 12:00noon & 3:00pm for a nominal fee payable at the Park Headquarters.

An excellent introduction to some of the plants of Kota Kinabalu can be found in the Mountain Garden. It offers a glimpse into the incredible diversity of plant life and showcases plants from all over Kinabalu Park in their natural surroundings. This 2 hectare fenced garden (about 5 acres) was established in 1981.

The garden straddles the Silau-Silau Stream just after the visitor centre. A slightly elevating gravel path leads to plant display houses and an enriched forest.

Plant species to look out for include small trees such as the Kinabalu Nutmeg, Kerosene Tree, Earth Fig and climbers such as the Bauhinia Liana, Bamboo and flowering plants such as the Kinabalu Balsam, Medinella, Lipstick Flower, ginger, ferns, wild bananas, aroids, wild and rare orchids.  

Slide Show Presentation
Available at 2:00pm daily & 7:30pm on Weekends & Public Holidays, please enquire with the Park Headquarters for more information.

Start your Kinabalu adventure with an interesting slide show presentation on Sabah and the majestic Mount Kinabalu. Acquire knowledge about the local culture and tradition, familiarize yourself with Borneo's magical rainforest and seek out those who reside within its habitat.  

Guided Walks
Available at 11:00am daily, please enquire with the Park Headquarters for more information.

All Information subject to change without prior notice.