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Laban Rata Mountain Hut, Mount Kinabalu

Gunung Kinabalu / Sabah


Laban Rata

Laban Rata Room 1

Laban Rata Room 3

Laban Rata

Laban Rata Room 2

Laban Rata Heated Dormitory

Mountain Hut Non-Heated

Mountain Hut Non-Heated

Mountain Hut Non-Heated



Rate valid till 31st Dec 2015



Private Room 1 (2 persons) RM   959.00 nett

RM 1465.00 nett

Private Room 2 (2 persons) RM   959.00 nett

RM 1465.00 nett

Private Room 3 (6 persons) RM 2958.00 nett

RM 4448.00 nett

Laban Rata Rest House (per person) RM   460.00 nett

RM   695.00 nett

Gunting Lagadan Hut (per person) RM   435.00 nett

RM   615.00 nett

Waras Hut (per person) RM   435.00 nett

RM   615.00 nett

Panar Laban Hut (per person) RM   435.00 nett

RM   615.00 nett

All rates are SUBJECT to 6% GST

Rates excluded Sabah Park Fees


Rate Per Night inclusive :
* 1 night accommodation
* Day 1 - 1 Packed Lunch at Balsam Cafe - Kinabalu Park, 1 Dinner at Laban Rata
* Day 2 - 1 Early Supper at Laban Rata, 1 Breakfast at Laban Rata, 1 Lunch at Balsam Restaurant, Kinabalu Park

Terms & Conditions


Mountain Climbing Package (PER PERSON) till Dec 2015



3D2N Package A -Dorm RM 655.00 nett

RM   868.00 nett

3D2N Package A - ROH RM 790.00 nett

RM 1045.00 nett

3D2N Package B - Dorm RM 595.00 nett

RM  785.00 nett

3D2N Package B - ROH RM 675.00 nett

RM  910.00 nett

All rates are SUBJECT to 6% GST

Rates excluded all Sabah Park Fees.


3D2N Package A inclusive (Kinabalu Park / Laban Rata) :
* 1 night accommodation at Room/Lodge at Kinabalu Park
* 1 night accommodation at Laban Rata (11,000 feet)
* Day 1 - Dinner at Balsam Cafe, Kinabalu Park
* Day 2 - Breakfast and Packed Lunch at Balsam Cafe KK Park, Dinner at Laban Rata Restaurant
* Day 3 - Early Supper and Breakfast at Laban Rata Restaurant, Lunch at Balsam Cafe KK Park


3D2N Package B inclusive (Mesilau Nature Resort / Laban Rata) :
* 1 night accommodation at Room/Lodge at Mesilau Nature Resort
* 1 night accommodation at Laban Rata (11,000 feet)
* Day 1 - Dinner at Renanthera Cafe, Mesilau Nature Resort
* Day 2 - Breakfast and Packed Lunch at Renanthera Cafe. Dinner at Laban Rata Restaurant
* Day 3 - Early supper and Breakfast at Laban Rata Restaurant. Lunch at Balsam Cafe Kinabalu Park
* 1 way transfer from Kinabalu Park to Mesilau

Terms & Conditions


Mount Kinabalu (Gunung Kinabalu), Sabah, Malaysia.


Rating : mountain hut
Check-in time - 14:00pm
Check-out time - 12:00nn


Laban Rata is the accommodation near the peak of Mt. Kinabalu where you'll stay when climbing Mt Kinabalu. Located at 3,000m. As part of the compound, Laban Rata Rest House is the main facility, featuring heated accommodation and the only restaurant. The compound also consists of several smaller accommodation units available, most with cooking facilities. Apart from Laban Rata Rest House, the only other heated unit is Gunting Lagadan Hut. Together, the Laban Rata compound constitutes the only accommodation on Mt Kinabalu. Laban Rata is part of Kinabalu Park.  

Laban Rata Room 1 & 2
This unit features : 1 Bedroom (2 single beds), heater, en-suite bathroom, heated shower, restaurant area, sleeps 2  

Laban Rata Room 3
This unit features : Dormitory bunk beds, sleeps 6, heater, common bathroom, heated shower, restaurant area  

Laban Rata Resthouse Bunk Beds (Heated Dorm)
This unit features :  Dormitory bunk beds, sleeps 6, heater, common bathroom, heated shower, restaurant area  

Gunting Lagadon Hut / Waras Hut / Panar Laban Hut
This unit features : Dormitory bunk beds, sleeps 6, common bathroom, shower, restaurant area  

Laban Rata Restaurant
2.00am to 3.30am, 7.00am to 7.30pm


Climbing Fee

Permit Fee



Adult (per person)
Below 18 years(per person)


Insurance (per person)

Malaysian / Non-Malaysian

Death Per Accident only RM 50,000


Permanent Disablement As A Result Of An Accident RM 50,000



Malaysian / Non-Malaysian

1st Class (color)


2nd Class (black&white)


Trail Fee Between Timpohon Gate and Mesilau Gate (per person)





Below 18 years



 Guide Fee




1. Timpohon-Summit-Timpohon



2. Timpohon-Summit-Mesilau / Mesilau-Summit-Timpohon



3. Mesilau-Summit-Mesilau



4. Mesilau-King George Peak (Kotal's Route)

1-3 (1 guide)
4-6 (2 guide)
7-8 (3 guide)

(per guide/per day)

5. Others Peaks Mt. Kinabalu (Western Plateau)


St. John Peak
South Peak
Oyayubi Iwu Peak
St. Andrew
St. Alexandra
Victoria Peak
Gurkha Hut
Ugly Sister
Donkey Ears
Tunku Abdul Rahman
Lone Tree
Easy Valley



6. Mt. Tambuyukon (Sub Station Monggis)  

i.      Sub Station-Tambuyukon- Sub Station

ii.     Air Terjun Kikulat (Optional)





Mt. Nambuyukong (Sub Station Serinsim, Kota Marudu )  

i.    Sub Station -Nambuyukong- Sub Station

ii.   Sub Station -Air Terjun Misumpak- Sub Station

iii.  Sub Station -Makam Si Gunting- Sub Station

iv.  Sub Station -Batu Lebah- Sub Station








 Portal Fee




1. Timpohon-Laban Rata-Timpohon



2. Timpohon-Sayat-Sayat-Timpohon



3. Timpohon-Summit-Timpohon



4. Mesilau-Laban Rata-Timpohon



5. Mesilau-Sayat-Sayat-Timpohon



6. Mesilau-Summit-Timpohon



7. Mesilau-Laban Rata-Mesilau



8. Mesilau-Sayat-Sayat-Mesilau



9. Mesilau-Summit-Mesilau



10. Timpohon Gate-Eastern Ridge



11. Timpohon Gate-Lone Tree



12. Timpohon Gate-Easy Valley



13. Timpohon Gate-Gurkha Hut



14. Kotal's Route



15. Sub Station -Nambuyukong- Sub Station



16. Sub Station -Air Terjun Misumpak-Gua Kelawar- Sub Station



17. Sub Station -Batu Penyangat- Sub Station



18. Sub Station -Tambuyukon- Sub Station (Monggis)



Maximum weight is 10 Kgs and additional weight will be charged base on daily rate per kg.
(Referring to item 1-9 & 14 18)


Helicopter Ride/Service by Sabah Air




Scenic view of Mount Kinabalu at 7,000 feet - no landing

1 hour
maximum 4 pax


Laban Rata (Ad hoc basis)
(Providing emergency service to transfer injured climbers)

1 hour



Water Stops
Water Stops are available at every hut. There is a large tank stored with free 'untreated water' but the water is safe to drink. The free drinking water constantly being fed by pipes leading down from clean water sourced high up the mountain.  

Mount Kinabalu - Preparation Checklist
Here are some tips to ensure that you are well prepared before attempting to climb the mountain.

Ensure you have already confirmed your accommodation on the mountain with Sutera Sanctuary Lodges for the first night of your climb. You will not be allowed to climb if you do not have a place to stay. Camping on the mountain is strictly forbidden. Refer to our Climber's Package arrangement for more information on accommodation options and food.

In addition to the above, you are also required to bring some money with you to pay to the Sabah Park authorities for the Park's entrance fee, mountain guide, climbing permit, insurance, certificate, porter fee (optional) and transfer to Timpohon Gate . This is separate from your accommodation which is managed by Sutera Sanctuary Lodges.

Conduct a fitness check. Make sure your legs are fit and ready for the journey up and down the mountain. Be a responsible traveller. Bring the necessary medication required if you are prone to altitude sickness. As it is only a two day, one night climb you are still advised to partake in some regular exercise prior to the climb.

Please do not attempt to climb the mountain if you have the following medical conditions :

Heart condition



In any case, should you feel unfit to climb or possess any other medical condition that will pose any danger or hamper your climb then please do not attempt this exercise.

The best investment for any climber is a good pair of shoes to protect your feet from the mountain terrain. Shoes with a good sole and grip is recommended to prevent from accidents due to unforeseen weather conditions.

Remember to pack light. The more items you bring with you will only add to the burden on your shoulders during the journey up. Ideally, the weight of your bag pack should be less than 10kg.

Necessary items for the mountain climb include :
Energy food i.e. chocolate bars, biscuits, glucose tablets

A head torch
A raincoat or poncho
A windbreaker
Warm clothing

A small bottle of water
A pair of gloves
An extra pair of socks

A cap or beanie

Park Etiquette

Do not destroy or remove any plant or animal.
It is an offence to remove plants and/or animals and to shoot, trap and/or collect any wildlife.
Take only pictures, leave only footprints.

Do not litter
Dispose of rubbish with a thought for the environment. Clean up if need be after those who don't. help keep the environment clean and pure as nature intended it to be.

Do not bring heavily packaged products
These mean large quantities of paper and plastic wrappings to discard after use. Minimize the amount of disposable material.

Do not bring pets
Pets are not allowed into the park as they may introduce diseases to isolated populations or may escape and become wild.

Do respect the silence of nature
Do not bring cassette players and radios that may disturb wildlife or those who wish to observe them. Be considerate.

Do be extra careful with inflammable material
Make sure fires are fully extinguished. Do not smoke if you can avoid it. Cigarettes can cause bush fires. Observe all safety rules.


DO NOT CLIMB if you have a history of suffering from the following ailments :

Heart Disease
Chronic Asthma
Peptic Ulcer

Severe Anaemia
Epileptic Fits

Heptitis (Jaundice)
Muscular cramps
Obesity (Overweight)

Any other sickness that may be triggered by severe cold, exertion, and high altitude

Help preserve Mount Kinabalu, Malaysia' First World Heritage Site.
While you are in the Park, please observe the rules and regulations of the Park. It is an offence under Parks Enactment, 1984 to deface, damage, set fire to or remove anything existing inside the Park or to introduce any plants or animals into this Park without the written approval of the Director of Sabah Parks.

Please help to protect the environment. Do not litter or leave any rubbish behind on the mountain. Please bring down all the rubbish you brought up this mountain.

All Information subject to change without prior notice.