Felda Residence Port Dickson

Port Dickson / Negeri Sembilan




Rate valid till 31st March 2011

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Standard Room with Breakfast RM 108.00 nett RM 138.00 nett
Deluxe Room with Breakfast RM 138.00 nett RM 168.00 nett

All rates are nett quoted in RM and  INCLUDED 5% government tax & 10% service charge.
Extra bed is chargeable at RM 49.00 nett per unit per night.

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10 3/4 Mile, Jalan Pantai, 71000 Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.


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Check-in time - 14:00pm
Check-out time - 12:00nn

Only 1.5 hours away from Kuala Lumpur city, FELDA Plantation Resort beach retreat is splendid for weekend vacations as well as company retreats. A leisurely drive on excellent highways will get you to this resort quite easily. Sandy beaches with mature trees provide a canopy of shade on the beach and make the FELDA Residence Port Dickson a perfect location for you to simply relax and be carefree.
Swim in the sea, lie on the beach and watch the waves break as it hits the shore, build sand castles or enjoy a good barbecue - just anything that meets your fancy !

At FELDA Residence Port Dickson, go ahead and indulge yourself a little. You will find our fabulous resort a wonderful surprise. Here, we offer you a safe and comfortable home away from home location with plenty of outdoor and indoor sporting activities to keep you positively entertained throughout your visit.


Clean and comfortable accommodation provided in a safe and private environment offers each guest the sense of calm and carefree. Equipped with modern amenities supported by facilities such as television set, coffee/tea-making facility, hot/cold showers amongst others, the resort is committed to make your stay a pleasant experience every time. Design and furniture pleasing in choice and taste, at FELDA Residence Port Dickson, we are committed to your coming back to a well-kept room with the comforts of your own home after a day of fun and exciting adventure


Karaoke System - Who says you need a natural-born talent to sing ? Perhaps all you need is the support of our good sound system and a little bit of positive encouragement from the enthusiastic audience. Karaoke sessions are often good entertainment and also a great ice-breaker for those talented but rather timid !  

Golfing - For golf enthusiasts, welcome to the golf course amidst rolls of green and lush plantations! And take your winning shots in serene tranquility. Imagine yourself in the midst of a hectic town or city, yet secured away in your own fine space - this is what you will find here. Well manicured lawns on the soft hills provide a good play and modest challenge for a relaxing game. Pick up your clubs and head down for a game or two, or just tag along and take in splendid view.

Table Tennis - Also popularly known as ping-pong, this is the version of tennis played with small bats and a light hollow ball on a table divided by a net. If you are one of those who like fast-paced games, try this one out. But be mindful that your feet and hand coordination will be put to the test !

Beach Volleyball, Jogging & Tug-of-War - For outdoor sporting enthusiasts, wanting to stay on the beach, indulge in a bit of activity that will get your heart-pumping and the adrenaline positively rushing. A good way to get a great tan and a well-toned body at the same time, sign up for beach volleyball, a grueling yet entertaining game of tug of war, or slip into your favourite jogging get-up and jog the beach on a journey of wonderful discoveries !

Beach Sepak Takraw - Sepak takraw or otherwise known as kick volleyball is a cross between soccer and volleyball, a fast-growing and popular sport in Asia. Also called takraw for short, it is played on a badminton doubles-sized court. Similar games include bossaball, footbag net, footvolley, jianzi and sipa. For those of you just craving for a little bit more than the ordinary dose of challenge, try out this local sport on the sandy beach as you take in the fresh ocean scent of the Strait of Malacca.

Board Games - Indoors or outdoors - board games do have the power to entertain! From the classic chess and checkers, snake and ladders for the children and to various other new engaging board games, enjoy a fun afternoon catching up with friends and family in an environment of friendly competition and thrills !

Children’s Playground - This is a safe area where the children can run free and take in the fresh sea breeze while you relax nearby with a good book and a cool satisfying drink. Fitted with outdoor sporty fun, let your children run free, tumble and fall, crawl and climb in safety. Here, those minor cuts and bruises only help create and enhance character !


Audiovisual Equipment/Air-conditioned Meeting Rooms - FELDA Residence Port Dickson not only caters to the holiday ideals of family and leisure groups, but also the expectations of corporate groups coming in for brain-storming sessions or team-building activities. Fully equipped with reliable audiovisual facilities, company or event management companies seeking a location to host a seminar, meetings or company retreats can choose to plan an entire programme at this location. Its short distance from Kuala Lumpur city is also a plus point.


Coffeehouse/BBQ Pits - The coffeehouse on location provides you with the options of local and western dishes. From the local must-try nasi lemak and a variety of nasi goreng recipes to delicious sandwiches and crispy crinkle fries with toast and eggs prepared a la minute, the coffeehouse is it. If you feel adventurous and prefer to prepare your own, choose to barbecue fresh fish and other seafood obtainable from the nearby fresh market.



Nearby Destinations 

Cape Rachado (Tanjung Tuan) - Cape Rachado is renowned for its lighthouse that was reputedly built by the Portuguese in the 16th Century, which guides ships into the Straits of Malacca. This lighthouse that is built on a hillock overlooking the straits is until today still operational! On a clear day, one can see PD town and the outline of Sumatra across the Straits from this vantage point. Flocks of migrating sparrows, honey buzzards, swifts, hawks, and eagles stop over here between the months of September and March every year. Then there is a spot here where the legendary 15th Century Malay warrior of the Malacca Sultanate, Hang Tuah, was supposed to have set foot.

Blue Lagoon - Near Tanjung Tuan (Cape Rachado) renowned for its' light house which was built in 1860 is the infamous Blue Lagoon. On a bright and clear day, visitors can see Indonesia’s Sumatra Island across the Straits of Malacca from here. Tourists and locals alike would drive up here for a cool dip in the clear waters and picnic under shady low-lying trees as they watch the sun set. The Blue Lagoon area is also a strategic location for bird watchers to observe flocks of migrating sparrows, honey buzzards, swifts, hawks, and eagles during the months of September, October, March and April. There is also a spot here where the legendary 15th century Malay warrior of the Malacca Sultanate, Hang Tuah, was said to have set foot.



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