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Felda Residence Hot Spring

Sungkai / Perak




Rate valid till 31st Dec 2015

Low Peak Super Peak
Deluxe with 2 Breakfast RM   199.00 nett RM   239.00 nett RM   269.00 nett
Villa B (1-BR) with 2 Breakfast RM   509.00 nett RM   609.00 nett RM   709.00 nett
Villa A (2-BR) with 4 Breakfast RM   609.00 nett RM   809.00 nett RM   909.00 nett
Villa C (3-BR) with 6 Breakfast RM   709.00 nett RM   999.00 nett RM 1109.00 nett

Low - Weekdays
Peak - Weekends
Super Peak - Eve and Public Holidays,school holidays.

All rates are nett quoted in RM and  INCLUDED 6% government tax & 10% service charge.

Surcharge for extra person - per person per night with bed, breakfast and entrance ticket :
RM 69.00 (adult) RM 55.00 (child) - Villa (max 2 person per villa / Deluxe (max 1 person per room)

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36000 Sungkai, Perak, Malaysia.


Rating : no rating
Check-in time - 14:00pm
Check-out time - 12:00nn

Natural hot springs are a common occurrence in Peninsular Malaysia. This phenomenon occurs when water that seeps into the Earth is heated by magma; molten rock located beneath the surface of the Earth. The Earth’s pressure then causes the water to again rise above the surface, forming a natural hot spring.

Some of the hot springs sites in Malaysia have become tourist destinations with fringe attractions and facilities such as souvenir shops, hotels and restaurants to accommodate visitors fascinated by this natural wonder. The restaurants on site are equipped with changing rooms for traveling visitors.

A splashing and exciting getaway, the FELDA Residence Hot Springs is nestled in the serene and lush forest patches, surrounded by hills and clear cold mountain streams and rivers. All 6.5 hectares enjoy the scenic view of well-tended oil palm plantation and durian orchard amidst a haven of tranquility.

Its unique concept of a specially designed free flowing Hot Springs Swimming Pool and Therapeutic Park at the foothill of the Titiwangsa Range 200 feet above sea level is indeed creatively engineered to attract visitors who appreciate the wonders of nature.

The water flowing from the hot springs has several therapeutic healing effects. Since ancient times hot springs have been claimed to have positive effects on ailments such as :


Derma related complaints
Respiratory concerns

Stiff joints and stress related ailments
Spinal injuries and fractures

Amongst the natural pools you can choose to experience the open cold and hot pools as well as the private pools for those preferring some solitude while immersing in this healing waters. For those familiar with reflexology, experience a relaxing time in the hands of well-trained practitioners as they work on you regaining a balance in your blood flow and overall well-being.


These exclusive villas are available and come with the choice of two-bedrooms or one-bedroom ready with facilities that include :

In-house hot Jacuzzi tub
Spacious living area
Luxurious bedroom(s)

Fully-equipped kitchen
Room service
Complimentary usage of facilities provided at the park

Although FELDA Residence Hot Springs mainly receives visitors for day visits, there is also a demand for family and corporate type accommodation. Those opting to stay on site have the luxurious choice of fully-equipped villas furnished to compliment the surroundings.

The exclusive villas are available and come with the choice of one-bedroom or two-bedrooms ready with facilities that include a breathtaking natural hot spring jacuzzi tub, a spacious living area with tasteful furniture and fittings set elegant design, well-appointed bedroom(s) and a fully-equipped kitchen for those preferring to prepare home-cooked meals. Room service is also available for days you choose to completely relax and put your feet up! Another value-added privilege that comes with each villa stay is that guests are extended complimentary usage of facilities provided at the park.

FELDA Residence Hot Springs is expanding its current accommodation by adding another 64 hotel rooms(144sqf) with a contemporary design. The new accommodation nestled within 48 hectares (100 acres) of landscaped tropical greenery is located at the foot of the Titiwangsa range and within an oil palm environment. The 64 rooms offer comfort with a comprehensive range of facilities and amenities appealing to leisure travellers. The rooms are tastefully furnished with modern fittings and fixtures and come with standard features like individually controlled air-conditioning, colour television, telephone and coffee/tea making facilities. The new rooms are set in two different wings with an adjoining lobby. To enjoy the new rooms we have set the following promotional rate with effect from May 2008 till 31st August 2008. You can also relax and pamper yourself at our newly designed Spa which consists of individual treatment rooms with attached private bathroom to ensure total privacy for the loyal guests.


Those who seek to temporarily escape from hustle and bustle life of city should drive down to FELDA Residence Hot Springs and stay in our simple yet elegant accommodation and at the same time have an unforgettable theraupetic experience at our natural hot springs. Like any other FELDA Resort Plantation resorts, there is plenty to do and experience at FELDA Residence Hot Springs. And this is not all ! The comfort and ease of visitors in mind, the concept of everything under one roof is carried out here, all in one location! Experience the wonder of nature while you sit and enjoy freshly prepared meals on site !  

Hot Springs Swimming Pool, Cold Pool & Therapeutic Pools - On your vacation, make full use of the natural Hot Springs Swimming Pool or the classic Cold Pools where you can indulge in a healthy, refreshing swim alone or with family and friends. Listen out for gleeful laughter of children rushing down the splashing Giant Octopus Water Slide. Large and spacious, the pools offer an entertaining diversion from the hustle and bustle of your everyday routine. The therapeutic pools offer not only a pleasant dip and swim, but have natural healing properties for various minor ailments - this is a must-experience for first-timer holiday-makers at FELDA Residence Hot Springs.

Water Reflexology Course & Natural Hot Springs Boardwalk - This is a unique experience on its own. Many vacationers eager to try it out have much to say! Reflexology is known to mainly improve and enhance blood circulation in the body and improve overall general health and well-being. Here at the park, reflexology is taken to the next level whereby the natural hot springs is combined in this popular healing treatment. As you walk the path of smooth stones, the hot springs water that runs the course provides warmth and greater relief to aching feet and joints. Feel a new sense of fresh and rejuvenation after your relaxing walk.

Family Baths & Hot Springs Egg Boiling Activity - Families visiting the park can try out the family baths and enjoy the privacy of this special treat. Another popular family activity not to miss out on is the hot springs egg-boiling experience. Many come to the park, some with baskets full of eggs which they then boil in the natural hot springs for its therapeutic properties. And guess what? The world’s egg-boiling world record was achieved at this very park! 50,480 eggs were boiled here in the hot springs over a span of 43hours in 2006 ! There you go - the egg-boiling activity is not only superbly fascinating to watch, but indeed worthwhile to indulge in !   

Traditional Massage - For visitors who are keen to experience the local Malay massage, the park offers one of the finest traditional massage packages to benefit from. As casual as the park is, guests can be sure to find perfect tranquility while under the gentle and yet firm touch of the hands of our masseurs. The park embraces the mystical aspect of the legends, uniqueness and exotic elements of Asian massage treatments that reflect beauty, spirit and traditions of those ancient times and the soul and ritual of Asian culture. The philosophy is simple, for guest to unlock their senses with a visit that should involve more than just a complete escape from the norm.

Mountain Springs Pool (Titiwangsa Range) & Titiwangsa Range Flora & Fauna Exploration - The desire for exciting adventure and the enthusiastic learner in you thriving to be satisfied? Engage in an expedition up to the mountain springs pool in the midst of the lush forests of green in all shades and explore the flora and fauna on Titiwangsa Range with the accompaniment of expert guides or simply follow the trails to the natural adventures that await you!

Sungai Sungkai Rafting Adventure & Jungle/River Trekking - More adventure? Take on the challenge of the Sungkai River or work off the calories trekking in and around the park as you immerse yourself in the natural wonders that surround the location. At FELDA Residence Hot Springs, you will never be short of a splashing good time!

Camping/Family Day Package & Visit to Orang Asli Village - Never tried living it out in nature? Well, this is your chance! Spend the evening out with family and friends and let the sky littered with bright stars be not only your guide, but also the ceiling over you! What better way to experience nature in the safety and comforts of the premise. Visit the Orang Asli Village for an insight into the culture and traditions of a community living in glorious nature amidst new world modernity and sophistication.

Treasure Hunt & Management Games (for company retreats/team-building sessions) - What’s more awe-inspiring than knowing there’s a pot of treasure at the end of the rainbow? Or perhaps comical? Either way, you are here to have the best vacation ever! Come join us in an organized treasure hunt that will get your brains thinking and your feet walking - fast ! Checkout what it is all about when you check-in ! As for corporations staying with us for brain-storming sessions or team-building activities, the resort have an array of exciting games on the list too! Guaranteed to get the best of you out in the open, discover a new, more resilient, and more proactive you ! Take up the challenge and emerge the winning team !


Enjoy tasty food at the outlets available. From local dishes of rice, noodles, meats, poultry and seafood to Western delights such as a breakfast of crispy toast and eggs, sausages and fries, or delectable sandwiches and more.


The FELDA Residence Hot Springs is strategically located within easy access from the old trunk road or north bound on the PLUS Expressway. One can also easily find the park from the Sungkai Toll only 16.5km or 20 minutes away from the Toll Exit. On the North-South Expressway, get off at the Sungkai Toll Exit and turn left at the junction. Just 1km down the trunk road, turn left and follow the signs. The park is just after the Sungai Klah FELDA village. 

Nearby Destinations
Sungkai Conservation Centre - Conservation effort at this centre focuses on captive breeding programmes for the sambar deer and several other indigenous pheasant species. This 50 hectare centre was opened in 1971 to develop and maintain a sustainable genetic breeding pool for each of the rare and endangered species it maintains. The ultimate aim of this centre is to release breeding stocks of these animals back into their natural environments. The Sungkai centre currently has about 63 Sambar deers, 15 Timor deer and 14 mouse-deers The pheasant species available here include 11 crested and great argus pheasants, 29 mountain and Malaysian peacocks, three green pea-fowls and 19 crestless and crested firebacks. Popular also with touring school children on holiday-learning-excursions, this centre positively promotes the importance and necessity of fauna conservation amidst fast-paced modernization and growth.  

Orang Asli Village - The Orang Asli village within the vicinity is a welcoming venue for many with interest in natural living. It is a location whereby one can witness how culture and traditions have truly withstood the changing times. Although many of the children of the Orang Asli have come out into the modern world and hold professional positions in the corporate world, their culture and traditions remain intact. Here, visitors can witness cooking demonstrations using bamboo and jungle leaves, starting fire the ancient way, jungle survival course, lessons in the use of jungle herbs, as well as the identification of exuberant flora and fauna. At this Orang Asli settlement you can also learn to use the traditional blow pipe, enjoy relaxing bird watching, and fun-filled campfire evenings.

FELDA Residence Trolak - Just 12km away from the FELDA Residence Hot Springs is the FELDA Residence Trolak. This resort is within easy reach of the old trunk road, perched on an undulating hillock with a scenic view of forest greeneries and splendour. Learn more about the Orang Asli way of life on a day visit of their village where they welcome visitors daily. Popular also with companies on a tem-building project, FELDA Residence Trolak is equipped with other business facilities such as meeting rooms and seminar space with audio visual support. Discover FELDA Residence Trolak, this perfect hideaway amidst the vast plantations and let your quest for adventure take you on a memorable journey of discovery at this agro-eco tourism holiday destination.